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In this article we are going to see,
  • What is QR Code?
  • How QR Code Works?
  • How QR Code is useful for us?
  • Recommended Websites to generate QR Codes

What is QR Code?

It is a kind of Matrix Barcode representation of data. QR is Quick Response Code which stores certain information and visualize in a form of matrix Barcode. It is Invented by a Japanese Auto company named Denso Wave.

QR code is basically machine readable coded label. It has 3 Squares at 3 corners. which may contain about 3000 binary characters. It can be read by mobile camera there are loads of app to QR codes in mobile some smartphones have inbuilt QR Scanner app in the phone.

Image : Medium.com

How QR Code Works?

In the above part we get to know what is exactly QR code is.. right? not let's see how it works.. there is two step process in working of any QR.. one is creation another one is reading or Scanning.. 

In creation part we build the QR for our desired information, it may contain any website URL, your visiting card, invitation card, meeting details, etc. then we share it to the audience who is going to read this QR. How they read QR? with their smartphone camera's scanners.. right..? then the audience will get the information which we have shared through that QR that's it..

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How QR Code is useful for us?

QR code is considered as most useful information source nowadays for consumer advertising. typically it is used to provide a access to consumer's to the brand's website.

We all use UPI payments, it is done through the QR codes only. Basically it reduces the effort of consumer to type and search it on google or any other search engine. QR gives exact information to you and you directly land on the brand website.. This is main motto behind widely used QR by businesses.

Recommended Websites to generate QR Codes

There are so many websites provides feature of generating your desired QR code online on their website. some are free, some are partially free and some of them are totally paid.

Here I am sharing with you some websites which are personally used by me and they are good to go. Thank me in the comments :)

They are as follows:

QR Code Monkey

It is one of the most popular free online QR code generators with lots of already created QR code templates. it gives you high resolution of the QR codes and the beautiful design options make it one of the best free QR code generators on the web that can be used for commercial and print purposes.

You can visit QR Code Monkey from here

QR Code Generator

QR code Generator is another free online QR code generator. It provides you loads of beautiful features and templates. it also gives you high resolution of the QR codes and the beautiful design options.
Also they have tracking feature for your generated QR but for that you have to get paid version of it.

You can visit QR Code Generator from here

As I said above there are lots of websites which let you generate your Desired QR codes. both of above are free to limited and essential features websites.

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