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Top three best-curved monitors for gaming and productivity on the market in 2022!  

I've made this list based on our own research and customer reviews I've considered their quality features and values when narrowing down the best choices possible if you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned write in the comments below.

The first monitor on our list is the LG 49WL95C dash W.

This curved screen model features HDR10  technology capable of providing superb and high-quality pictures with real to life color reproduction as it has an ultra-widescreen this curved model allows users to multitask with the ability to have multiple windows open on one screen simultaneously.

Users can control several devices connected to the screen with the use of a dual controller 2.0 furthermore it comes with a pair of built-in 10-watt speakers capable of delivering impressive audio quality the LG 49wl 95c w is a sleek looking curved-screen monitor that supports HDR resolution this dual QHD curved tomorrow is equivalent to the size of two 27-inch 2560x1440 monitors.

It also offers a whopping 49-inch 32x9 aspect ratio and 5120 by 1440 pixel resolution curved display the LG 49WL95C w has a USB 3.0 port and a USB type-c port with support for a  DisplayPort over USB c for y connectivity this is not a model for hardcore gamers the  49wl 95c w lacks gaming-friendly features its refresh rate is immortal 60hz it lacks adaptive sync technology.

It doesn't include a gaming sync picture mode its pros are its excellent RGB 99 color gamut supports HDR10 technology control two screens from multiple devices with one keyboard and mouse automatic brightness control ambient light sensor however it is not recommended for hardcore gamers the LG49wl95c-w is a curved screen monitor that offers excellent multitasking features that are perfect for graphics multimedia professionals or multi-taskers.


The second curved monitor on our list is the DELL ULTRA SHARP U 3419W.

The dell ultrasharp u3419w is a QHD curved monitor that provides a quality experience multitasking allowing users to view several documents simultaneously.

it features a split-screen type called virtual KVM switch which enables users to connect two different graphics sources while streaming this curved model also offers incredible connectivity and capability as it is built with two HDMI inputs a display port input and a USB Type C port and a 3.5mm audio out jack to upstream  USB 3.0 ports and two downstream USB 3.0 ports two more USB 3.0 ports are on the panel's left edge this incredible curved monitor offers this resolution that's 3440 by 1440.

An IPS panel it offers excellent viewing angles up to 178 degrees in all directions the dell ultrasharp u3419w is a 34-inch QHD curved motor equipped with an IPS panel that has the aspect ratio of a 21x9 it has features called picture in picture and picture by picture which allows the user to simultaneously open windows from different sources the monitor's increased curvature of the screen shows better viewing angles and lessened reflections providing comfort to viewers who use the screen for a long time its pros are the IPS display panel provides vibrant color images.

It supports viewing of content from two different computer sources simultaneously it has a 10-bit panel rather than the usual 8-bit support USB type c charging third party devices however the cons are it has no HDR support and it is not budget-friendly the dell ultrasharp u3419w is an excellent performing curved monitor that provides wide business display and an accurate color spectrum coverage for a high-quality picture display.


Finally, our top curved monitor is the ASUS ROGUE SWIFT PG-35VQ.

The peg35vq is an ultra-wide 35-inch QHD curved screen water that comes with an aspect ratio of 21x9 designed with quantum dot technology and reinforced with DCI p3 this curved water can display precise imagery of colors with 90 color gamut.

It has a response time of 2  milliseconds which makes it more capable of handling rapid speed motions and providing smooth visuals of even the fastest moving objects on the screen this curved monitor is equipped with Nvidia g-sync technology which helps to exhibit an HDR experience with bold colors rich contrast and impressive brightness the pg-35vq features a sensational built-in set it features a 3440 by 1440 panel capable of 200 hertz making gaming transitions run smoothly it also has a whopping display HDR 1000 quality to provide the top-notch color scheming performance the  pg-35vq delivers a brightness level of 353 nits and a black point of 0.13 nits to deliver an ideal quality and superb performance with its RGB gamut.

Its pros are it has a top-notch factory is setting color accuracy that allows recalibration for better performance it has a great HDR 10  support that can go up to 1000 cd by 2m brightness it has the 200 hertz of refresh rate ideal for both gaming and multitasking purposes equipped with the quantum dot technology.

However, the cons are it has no speakers it is one of the most expensive gaming monitors on the market that puts this panel out of reach for most gamers and into the arms of people who have the cash to pay for a near-flawless experience if you're looking for a curved monitor that is an all-rounder has all the latest technology found on any mark and provides the best features and functionality than this.

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