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If you delete any files or folders in Google Drive or any folder in Google Drive, it is transferred to your trash directory. The deleted file remains in the trash for a period of 30 days, and after that, it's permanently deleted. You can right-click on the deleted file inside the trash and select Restore to restore the file.

Restoring Permanently Deleted Files

If you don't restore deleted files within the timeframe of 30 days or even if you've removed the trash by hand then the files will be permanently removed from Google Drive. 

However, you can reach out to Google Support and they may help restore deleted files for you. follow the steps mentioned below...

  • Go to Google Support and sign in with the Google account you used to delete the file.
  • Please enter your first and your last name, and click the box to confirm that you're trying to retrieve the files removed from Google Drive.

You'll receive an email from drive-noreply@google.com confirming that your request has been received and that it may take up to 48 hours for the files to be restored. (which is typically less than 12 hours.)

Google recommends cleaning out your garbage as the recovery process is in progress. Be aware that the files you've uploaded yourself onto Google Drive may be recovered through this procedure. If you're not the person who owns the file it is not possible to restore using this process.

When the restoration process has been completed, Google Support will send an email to confirm that the files were restored. Now, you can browse Google Drive. Google Drive and the permanently deleted folders and files will be accessible at their original location.

The steps above are only applicable to the individual Google accounts. If you're a user of one of the Google Workspace accounts, you must connect with the administrator of your domain to recover the files. Additionally, the process of restoration will allow you to restore deleted files. It is currently possible to restore specific folders or files.

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