Invisible faces in cybercrime world | Digital Ritesh

Invisible faces in Cybercrime World 

Invisible faces in cybercrime world | Digital Ritesh

This tremendous advancement in technology can be as detrimental to human progress as it is to human safety.

Here are some examples of how dangerous this complex web of cybercrime can be -

There has been a lot of psychological research on the fact that every criminal has a specific mentality. Most of these criminals are young children.

Especially in India, the schooling of these children would not have been completed. Certain villages in the country are home to cybercriminals. The boys and girls in each of these households are trained by the elders for cybercrime.

In this society, a child involved in cybercrime has a high price in the marriage market. Even if the police had reached there after searching for the crime with great diligence, the entire village would have been empty at that time.

Finding these faceless criminals is like finding a needle in a haystack.

These invisible gazes find their way by picking up the movements on social media.

The most vulnerable groups are senior citizens, young boys and girls, and single women.

An incident happened recently in the case of my young Daughter. Following the number of followers on her Instagram account, some reputable companies and startups are constantly contacting her to promote their products.

In the same chain, she received an email from a company called 'Zara India'. These congregations contacted my daughter on WhatsApp through this professionally crafted mail so that the front should not have any doubts. There asked for videos in different dresses for 'Looktest'.

We immediately contacted the Mumbai Cyber Crime Branch and informed them about the suspicion that such a big company would ask for such a video on WhatsApp when there was no paperwork.

We also contacted Zara's outlet. It turned out that the email was also fake and the mobile number from which my daughter was being contacted was also in the name of a woman from Odisha.

The situation did not get out of hand due to a timely alert, but on this occasion, a detailed discussion was held with Dr. Rashmi Karandikar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime Branch.

The information she provided about the nature of cybercrime is shocking. Since the faces of these criminals are invisible, investigating the crime is a very tedious and persistent task.

And that's exactly what our cyber department is doing. But these crimes are so serious that 'man can rise from the dead' and that is why there is no alternative without public awareness.

हे आर्टिकल मराठीत वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लीक करा

Casting Fraud

In this way, contracts are often made in the name of big production houses to 'give your daughter a job in a movie'.

After that, millions of rupees are looted under the name of photoshoots, the cost of dresses, etc. All these things happen online and the accused never comes before you.

KYC Fraud

It contains a link in the SMS. The bank's KYC is said to be updated. Clicking on the link opens the duplicate website and all your bank details are taken.

Then the money disappears from your account. This is why banking transactions need to be done on the official website or in person at the bank.

Amazon/Flipkart Fraud

You get a phone call saying 'Diwali Dhamaka', 'New Year Dhamaka' type lottery has got a prize on Amazon, a letter is also sent.

Who doesn't want a car worth Rs 10 lakh for free…???, then you go online to the site provided by them. And that's where it falls.

OLX Fraud

This can lead to offenses on OLX online, both in terms of what you are buying and what you want to sell.

Most of the time, the person approaching you identifies himself as being in the military, so you can be sure that he or she will not be deceived. False military credentials are also issued.

We pay by sharing bank details, but the goods do not arrive. The accused in front sends a QR code, apologizing for 'something must have gone wrong'.

We scan it and our money still disappears. If you want to sell the item, call the front and offer. He sends the QR code saying 'I send Rs 1 first for account verification'.

We scan and actually pay Rs. Once credited, you can be sure that the other code sent by him is scanned and more money disappears from your account. So do not use QR codes in such transactions and if the possible deal in person.

New Year Fraud

The end of the year is approaching. In this case, under the name of famous restaurants, such discount advertisements like 'One plate on one free' keep appearing on your page.

Clicking on that link takes you to a fake Facebook page, where you fill out the form and provide your bank details. You get a message saying 'Your plate is ready, share the bank's OTP'.

You share it and..boom! Money in your account disappears! People have lost Rs 50-60 lakh on the sound of a free plate.

Google Data Edit Fraud

It involves editing (changing) the 'customer care numbers' of banks, wine shops, and pizza companies and calling you from there. From there your personal information, and account information is taken and the OTP of the bank is requested.

You pay for wine or pizza, but there is no delivery. So always check the customer care numbers on the official site and then deal.

Screen Share Fraud

Those who have no technical knowledge about mobile or computers, especially older people or women, are deceived.

The person in front of you takes control of your computer or mobile by downloading an app called 'Screen Share' from you saying 'I will help you do whatever you want'.

And then she can't tell you how and to what extent she can misuse your personal information!

Insurance Fraud

An example of this is the incident in the Corona period. Households who retired four or five years ago were offered a great retirement package by mail. Many of them get that packages and also paid regular premiums for three years.

Although they received instructions to pay on different accounts, they did not have any doubts. The characteristic of these cybercriminals is that they have a strong command of 'read and language'.

Unfortunately, these families died during the Corona period. The criminal gang disappeared from the online platform after their wives demanded money from them under the guise of policy closure.

So, Only get a policy from your trusted insurance agent or company, and do not rely on online calls.

Custom Gift Fraud

Women are more likely to be involved in this kind of fraud, especially unmarried, single women. From their social media posts, it is assumed that they are lonely and online friendship is thrown into a trap.

After a little friendship, it is said, 'I am sending you a gift from abroad.' The woman says 'no-no' but calms down. Then she gets a call in the name of the 'Customs Department'.

A friend abroad says, 'I sent the gift. I am coming to India to do your duty online. ' These are mostly foreign gangs. The woman is also cheated and does not lodge a complaint with the police as she has done all these things indirectly to the family.

Matrimonial Fraud

Aging single women from the matrimonial site. A woman who is unexpectedly asked by a beautiful foreigner is a seal.

Then there are personal chats in the mail or on the phone. The love scripts of these criminals are ready. "My late uncle made his fortune in my name, I am sending the money by check to your name," he said.

The call comes from the customs as soon as the woman understands enough

'Your check has arrived, give it a certificate as it is not terrorist funding, tell me where the money came from!' This is how money is boiled from a woman out of fear.

KBC Fraud

You get a lottery of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', call this number. The OTP is then shared and in the process, the person's account is emptied.

Purchase Fraud

False websites are created by showing sarees, jewelry, and bags at very low prices. The women pay there but the goods do not come home.

Loan Fraud

It uses the names of large finance companies. Across The church also advertises loans from the 'Prime Debt Fund' by creating a website using a photo of the Prime Minister.

A few percent of the loan amount is already taken from you and the church disappears.

Sextortion Fraud

Your social media movements are monitored. If you notice your movement on sites like porn, you get 'live sexual video calls' and 'chats'.

It uses 'Deep Fake Technology'. If you respond on purpose, your live video is also recorded. Next, the session of threats and blackmail starts, and millions of rupees are boiled.

The same videos are given to other gangs who call you by the name 'Police' / 'CBI' and boil the money back.

Fake Facebook Profile

Another profile is created by taking information from your own Facebook profile and asking your friends for money from it.

There is a big chain of morphing photos and videos of girls on social media and posting them on porn sites. Many unsuspecting girls have tried to commit suicide in such a situation.

The solution is to keep your account private and not allow strangers to access the account.

Minor Girls Fraud

This is a terrible type. Unbeknownst to the parents, sometimes minor girls open an account on Instagram showing that they are over 18 years old.

After seeing these girls, a friend request is sent in the name of a girl. After the friendship, 'I have a medicine to increase the size of the breasts.

But for that, you have to look at your size first ', she is asked for a nude video.

The frightened girl takes control of her account and contacts other similar little girls in her friend list with the girl's name and similar videos are taken. Police have recently found nude videos of more than 700 unidentified girls belonging to such criminals.

It's all going to be very shocking and numbing. In all of this, parents and victims need to come forward and report complaints without fear.

According to Dr. Rashmi, this investigation is complicated but in his tenure, he has succeeded in almost 87% of the cases. So be sure to cooperate with the police.

Your safety is in your own hands, so let's take every step we can in this 'cyber age' and be vigilant.

Be Aware, Be Cyber Smart & Stay Safe ...

# Dr. Rashmi Karandikar
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime Mumbai.

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