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10 Precautions Should Be Taken While Using A Office Laptop Or Computer For Personal Use

Digital Ritesh

I worked in the retail industry for around 4 years and currently working in the education industry from 2 yrs. In this period of 6 yrs, I learned a lot of things about Corporate culture. Also, I have seen some of the cases with my friends and colleagues which is why I am writing this article for knowledge to my dear readers...

1. Don't store your private passwords on your work laptop: According to their IT policy, many companies may collect data stored on your work laptop so that your private password cannot be ruled out. 

Many people have a habit of working on a laptop because it is very secure because the antivirus in it is constantly active and updated so many people keep all their bank and other passwords in Excel files which is very wrong.

2. Never use free public WiFi when using an office laptop: Never use the free public WiFi that is currently used in many places like coffee cafes or hotels or other places. This is because many hackers can steal information from your laptop by creating fake public WiFi networks.

Never use public WiFi again regarding online banking or credit card also.

3. Never share your office laptop remotely with a friend or non-IT person: When you give remote access to someone, you give that person full control of your laptop. So that person can view or copy all the information on his laptop.

The company has an IT policy about this which you have signed without reading. So if you give access to such an angle to another outsider, the company may claim a data leak on you and you may lose your job. I have seen many such examples.

4. Never store your personal data: Most people have a habit of social networking or uploading or saving photos of personal trips to the desktop.

When the company suddenly shuts down, all the laptops are remotely locked so that you can't take your personal data.

Again, if you leave the company and move to another location, you may not be able to access the data via a USB pen drive or for any other reason. This is because there is a different policy for USB devices.

5. Never do any other work-related work while using an office laptop: All your work is logged on your laptop or on the company's server. So that if you are doing some other job then the company can file a case against you and fire you.

The company also issues a policy in this regard and you unknowingly sign it all. If you find someone in the company doing other such transactions, you can also report it.

In addition to this, you are bound to follow the following rules.

  • Don't look at porn sites.
  • Do not connect USB-related devices.
  • Do not browse e-commerce websites (such as Amazon, Flipkart) etc.
  • Do not browse medical-related websites etc. (This may include drugs, etc.)
  • Do not torrent or stream online.
  • Do not do job-related searches.
  • Do not save personal data.

It is mandatory to get permission from the right IT person or your boss before downloading free software...

Kindly share with your circle. 


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