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Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging (IM) software and application service. The service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and several other features. It was initially launched for iOS on 14 August 2013 and Android in October 2013. The application servers of Telegram are distributed worldwide to decrease data load with five data centers in different regions, while the operational center is currently based in Dubai. [Source : Wikipedia]

In this article, we are going to see how we can block someone on Telegram app on android system. sometimes we need to block someone from our contact whatever reason it may be, at that time we should know the process of blocking right.?  Same thing we are going to see in this article.

Follow the steps:

Step 1 : Open your Telegram app in your Android Device.

Step 2 : Hold on the contact which you want to block

Step 3 : Click on the 3 dots on upper right side of the screen

Step 4 : Select Block User

Its that easy.. right.?
This is how we can block someone in our contacts on Telegram app. 

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