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How to reset Router

Hello Friends,

In this article we are going to learn how to reset a WIFI router to its default settings.. Sometime we forget our WIFI password and due to that we cant able to connect router.. And unfortunately there is no available option to change password of a WIFI router without connecting it...

DONT WORRY.... I'm here to help you out... before this please understand the followings

1- Router will reset to its default settings

2- Your personalized WIFI settings will wipe out.

3- Your old User Id and Password will wipe out.

Just follow steps below to reset your WIFI Router...

Step 1- Find Reset button or Hole on the backside of the router

Step 2- Power on your Router

Step 3- Use Pin or something pointed tool to press and hold Reset button for at least 15 seconds.

Step 4- Give a time to router to Reset and Restart it..

THAT'S IT.... 

Now your router is set to its default settings.. Find default User ID and Password behind the Router.. and after login reconfigure your personalized settings if any..

That's all for the day..

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