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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is basically type of Marketing in which uses Electronics Devices to Promote, Communicate, Educate the market and measures its impact through the statistics.

Practically says Digital Marketing is an online marketing which runs Marketing Campaigns through Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablets or any other Digital Gadgets.

Did you know, there are over 688 million Internet Users in India? Also there are over 629 million Active Mobile Internet Users present in India. This statistics shows how much Digital Marketing Boomed in last 2 decades and how much it is important to use as far as running a sustainable business is concerned.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has too many names some call it as Internet Marketing whereas some call it as Online Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing which utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products, services, Businesses, Brands Etc...

In Simple way, if any Marketing Campaign involves Digital Communication then it’s a Digital Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are several ways to interacting Digital Population or Digital Prospective Market of your business.

Let’s see key strategies or types:


  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a free Marketing tool which makes webpages attractive and responsive for search engines. It is most helpful and used Digital Marketing Tool available across the globe. In other words, it’s an Art and Science of making Web Pages Attractive for Search Engine.

There are certain attributes which helps you to SEO friendly webpage or website for your business or blog. Such as, Responsiveness, Mobile Friendliness, Engaging users, Content Quality.

Most important thing about SEO is, it is steady process comparatively it is slow but if you have these attributes followed in your webpage. Your website is going to rank on Google.

Actually Google changes its Algorithm most frequently, but these attributes never changes. That is why we can rely on SEO.


  • Social Media Marketing [SMM]

Social Media Marketing or SMM uses an SEO attribute Engaging users. It is used for, Driving Traffic towards Websites and creating Brand Awareness through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube also.

Do you know there are over 376 million social media users in India? Also YouTube is most preferable social media used by Indian Population. From this we can understand how much Digital Marketing is Important for our businesses.

Social Media Marketing offers Engagement statistics which helps you to reach desired audience for your business. It involves active audience participation due to this it is became most popular way to getting attention.


  • Pay Per Click Marketing [PPC]

Pay Per Click or PPC is all about posting an Digital Ad of your business on various platforms where your desired audience visits frequently and paying every time when someone clicks on your advertise.

It is bit complicated because it is all depends upon Search Engines own algorithm. When a spot is available on a search engine results page (SERP), the search engine fills the spot with what is essentially an instant auction. An algorithm prioritizes each available ad based on a number of factors such as: Advertisement Quality, Relevance of Keywords, Bid Amount, Landing page content.

Whenever you go with the PPC Marketing, you need to understand thoroughly about your requirement and should opt PPC campaign wisely.

E.g. Ritesh runs a Loan business for that he wants to make a PPC campaign. He need to decide and understand the target audience, age group he wants to target through PPC Display advertisement also what is the main purpose of the campaign. Then he need to make campaign which can be appealing, attractive, and cognitive in looking. And then he will post it in the platforms like Google AdWords. He will then decide a bid price for each click.

This is the general process of creating a PPC campaign on Google AdWords. But yes you have to learn and research these things before you invest you hard-earned money in it.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of performance based Marketing in which businesses gives rewards to their Affiliates (Promoters) for revenue generated by them for business.

In more simple way, Affiliate Marketing let you make money by promoting and revenue generating for someone’s business.

It’s like being a brand or product ambassador for the businesses and helping them to sell their merchandise in return you get rewards in monetary terms or gift rewards.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broadest digital marketing term. It covers any digital marketing effort that uses content assets (blog posts, Website content, infographics, eBooks, videos, etc.) to build brand awareness or drive clicks, leads or sales.


  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing refers to promotion made through E-mails to the audience. In another words you need to send mails containing your business promotion and hoping the target audience will click the promotion.

There are some factors you should understand before opting for Email Marketing such as:

  1. Appealing Content, Body and subject line of the mail
  2. Clear message should be delivered in a short words.
  3. Landing Page should be more appealing too.


Why Email Marketing is Important?

We all use Smartphones either it may be Apple, Android or Windows. Same like this, we all have an Email ID.

Friends, we use to change our phones with new one ever phone numbers too. But the Email ID remains unchanged. That is main thing.

Because of the email Id remains unchanged with the person it is easy to contact a person.


The benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing has become important largely because it reaches such a wide audience of people, but it offers a number of other advantages as well. These are a few of the benefits:

  1. Broad Geographical reach
  2. Cost Efficient
  3. Time Efficient
  4. Manpower Efficient
  5. Quantitative results
  6. Easy Personalization
  7. Maintain relations
  8. Easy conversions



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