Buying guide for the best Action Camera|April 2021|Digital Ritesh


·                 The durability

Durability is an important part while purchasing any kind of electronic gadget. In the matter of Action Camera in India., The camera must have ability to handle Rainfall, Fogg, Snow and Underwater actions too.


·                 Video resolution

Video resoultion decides your video quality. There is no use if you are spending lots of time and money in travelling and you havent captured or vlogged your tour clearly. One should go with higher and higher resolution available in Action Camera Like 4k, 4K UHD and above.


·                 Brand

You should not purchase action cameras from any random brand, which will cause risk in working because local service centers or shops cannot fix the problems of an action camera. So it’s essential to buy a camera from a trusted, reputed brand.

·                 Field of view

Most of the Action cameras comes with the Wide angle Field view. But only some of them having stability in wide angle.. One should purchase Action camera with good stability to have Major Field View


·                 Portability

Action cameras are very portable to carry, lightweight, and small in size for easy operation and shoot shots with high-end portability. You can use action cameras for bike riding as they will easily fit in helmets, and the handle-bar mount also offers a chest mounting option. The shape and size of the action camera work wonderfully with easy portable options for capturing moments and videos.

This camera can be the best partner for capturing action, sports moments, family, college, or office for its portability. You can carry it anywhere. In India, action cameras offer the best budget with many advantageous features which improve and enhance shooting experiences and underwater performance. Action cameras provide good guide features to achieve the best possible results in choosing the right shots.


·                 Zoom function

Zoom function plays an essential role in cameras. Most of the cameras don’t have zoom features, so photographers should check the zoom lenses before buying a camera. Most of the action cameras have zoom features, and most of them don’t have so before purchasing. One should check the lenses.


·                 Control and touch screen

Some cameras require smartphones to operate their functions. In Action cameras, the camera itself controls the functions, which functions are already inbuilt inside the camera. So before buying, one should check this as in many situations, users cannot have their phone with them, such as in the time of shooting underwater shots. So it’s better to check the touch-screen function in the camera to make things simpler.


·                 Accessories

Action cameras are portable, light-weighted, and can be carried to any place. Accessories one should require to carry for a perfect shoot are sticky, tripod mounts, and different accessory options depending on a photographer. You can easily fit an action camera in your helmet, handle-bar mount to record experience in bike riding. For mountain hikers, essential accessories are an arm-mount, chest mount, etc.


·                 Connectivity features

The feature of connectivity helps a lot in the photography world to provide more accessible and effortless shots. Many modern action cameras nowadays have in-built USB ports and WiFi systems that are used to transfer files directly to users’ smartphones from the camera or be connected to an app to control the user’s phone. Users must check the other connectivities like face detection, Bluetooth, video commands, and more in the Action camera, making tasks simpler to do.


·                 Built quality

Building quality is considered one of the vital things to study before buying an Action camera because photographers use it mainly under challenging conditions, in rough places, so it will not break easily when it falls. Action cameras are designed to be compact and small for easy to carry. It is made up of polycarbonate material trend, which is robust and waterproof housing in capturing underwater shots. This camera has a limit of shooting underwater shots. After crossing the limit, the camera might stop functioning. The battery bay and memory card slot are well designed to give complete protection.


·                 Time-lapse capability

Action cameras are very small, portable, and light-weighted to carry them anywhere and to record footage for hours. Also can create time-lapse videos out of this footage. Many action cameras have the function to capture every frame within half a second or every 60 seconds continuously. In comparison to high-end cameras, it edits all the content themselves, which users don’t need to edit manually.

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