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Research Study On Satisfaction Of Customers Towards D-mart

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Research Study On Satisfaction Of Customers Towards D-mart


This research paper considers the understanding of the customers’ satisfaction with and perceptions towards Dmart;.  Specifically, this research will seek to identify which factors affect satisfaction.

The purpose of this study is to find out overall satisfaction towards Dmart. Some people are satisfied with the price, and some people are about product variety. The research was done through a questionnaire and discus with some customers on the college campus who are customers of Dmart..

Retailers have recognized this trend and are of the view that customer satisfaction plays a role in the success of business strategies. Therefore it has become important for grocery retail stores to try and manage customer satisfaction. This paper was thus developed to investigate the satisfaction levels of customers in Dmart.

Data was collected fromDmart in akurdi, Pune. The study examined the importance of overall dimensions and specific elements of customer satisfaction in the measurement of satisfaction levels.


D-Mart is a chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets in India started by R K Damani. As of 2015, it has 89 stores spread across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka, and a recent purchase of property in Rajkot shows that it is well advancing towards expanding across India. Traditionally, companies have relied only on the differentiation of products and services to retain their customers and also to satisfy the consumers.

However, times have changed, due to fierce competition from new players entering the market, imitation of new features, and an increase in the number of new offers, customers have acquired new choices and they have also become more price-sensitive, which has forced marketers to adopt differentiated and customer-oriented strategies in order to enable them to stand out in the competition and gain a competitive edge.

According to Singh (2006), one of the fundamentally important drivers of organizational success is that enterprisers must take the needs and wants of their customers into account. That is the reason why the researcher such as Reicheld & Sasser (1990); Ciavolino & Dahlgaard (2007), Singh (2006); LaBabera & Mazursk (1983); Carpenter (2008); Bridson et al (2008) have paid attention to the importance of customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention have been continuously paid attention worldwide.

Due to the tremendous growth of service industry in which retailing sector plays an important role, it is vital for retailers to understand the degree of importance of listening to the inner voice of customers´ needs to create and increase the level of satisfaction.

Ultimately, effective satisfaction leads to prospective long-term relationships and loyalty through repeating purchases and recommendations, which helps retailers maintain their market share and position. Consumer needs have become sophisticated and it is imperative that grocery stores look for building long-term and stable relationships with their customers as a way of driving satisfaction up since satisfaction does translate later into loyalty and retention.
source: Wikipedia

Aims & Objectives of the study:

  • The aim of the paper was to identify and describe factors of customers about the overall satisfaction of d- mart. 
  • The research also measured the level of satisfaction among customers toward D-mart.
  • Comparatively, analyze customer satisfaction for D-mart. 

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