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This One Thing Related to Chatting that most of the people Do Not Know?

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Did you know that simply sending a Fullstop(.) at the end of a message can make you 'rude'?

If not, then do read this article further...!

In 2016, Binghamton University did a small study on more than a hundred young people. They found that messages with a Fullstop , in the end, were perceived as less sincere than messages without a  Fullstop . [1]

Cecilia Klein, one of the lead researchers of this study, said that,

We believed that, because [text messages] are informal and have a chatty feel, Fullstops in this context can seem boring, a bit too formal.

These things also came out in the study-

  • Putting a Fullstop at the end of the message only makes a difference in text messages.
  • Hand-written notes and letters were not found to be affected in the study.

Why much difference from one Fullstop?

Actually, We do not see text messages on how we read books, articles, etc. The way you chat is different from the way you write articles.

As such, it is preferred to send thoughts as separate messages rather than punctuation marks during chatting.

This gives the same feeling of chatting as it is talking to each other—that is, no formality.

Using Full stops  can make a message seem formal and serious, while the spirit of the chat should be 'friendly'. And we're not even used to seeing Full stops  at the end of messages, so it seems awkward.

At least, Now you know how much difference it can make to have a period or not! However, it also depends on whether you find yourself connected to this psychological research or not.

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