What is surrogate advertising and how is it helpful in promoting banned products?

 What is surrogate advertising and how is it helpful in promoting banned products?

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Some days before BigB Amitabh Bachchan terminated the contract with Pan Masala brand. A statement has been made on behalf of Amitabh Ji that, when he became associated with this brand, he did not know that it was surrogate advertising. Amitabh Ji explained the mathematics of money and business to a troller a few days back.

What is a Surrogate Advertisement?

You might have often seen an advertisement for any alcohol, tobacco, or similar product on TV, in which without directly describing the product, it is shown as another similar product or a completely different product. For example, alcohol is often shown in the form of music CDs or sodas.

That is, an ad in which some other product is shown, but the actual product is another, which is directly related to the brand.

Why is Surrogate Advertising done?

Actually, there are many such products, whose direct advertising is banned. Usually, these include products like alcohol, cigarettes, and pan masala. In such a situation, surrogacy aids are used for advertising these products.

What is the law regarding Banned Products in India?

The Government of India has also banned the direct advertising of cigarettes and tobacco products through a law. For this, the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act was passed in 2003. It is also called COTPA.

According to this law, direct advertising of tobacco and cigarette products is banned. Along with this, there are many provisions related to sales, production, and use in this law.

There is a provision of punishment from 2 to 5 years and a fine from 1 thousand to 5 thousand on the person doing direct advertisement related to tobacco and cigarette.

Along with this, the Cable Television Networks Act 1994 has also prohibited the direct and indirect promotion and advertisement of cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol, or any other intoxicant. However, the products have also been exempted from many conditions.

Only surrogate products can be shown in advertisement visuals, Banned products are prohibited from displaying in any manner.

There should not be multiple references to the banned product directly or indirectly.

No specific color, style, layout, or tagline associated with the banned product should be used.

Famous actor Pierce Brosnan backed out of an advertisement

In 2016, there was a lot of controversy over an ad for a pan masala brand. In this, famous actor Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond, was seen promoting Pan Masala. A notice was also sent to the actor after the controversy, in response to which the actor said that the company had kept his deception. They were told that it was a mouth freshener and its harmful side was hidden.

After spreading so much debate, Mr. Amitabh Ji has understood, I don't know when other celebrities will understand. Young children and youth follow Tiger Shroff, Shahrukh, etc. blindly. At least Amitabh Ji has set an example...

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