Think Before Buy Nothing Phone 1, Users Are Reporting Issues With Their Smartphones

Think Before Buy Nothing Phone 1, Users Are Reporting Issues With Their Smartphones

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Nothing Phone 1, which was recently launched in the Indian smartphone market, has gained popularity in a short period of time, but now many complaints are also being seen regarding this phone.

For the first time in India, the company launched a unique smartphone in the market with the name Nothing Phone 1. The stunning design and looks of this phone grabbed everyone's attention, but now buyers have started pointing out the phone's flaws on social media.


The phone is now available to customers who pre-ordered the Nothing Phone-1 from Flipkart. Some of these customers have complained about the phone's display. Users are complaining that a 'green tint' is seen on the display of this phone.

A green tint is visible in the dark part of the smartphone display. A customer ordered the phone from Flipkart and has also sent the phone back to the company after seeing an error related to the display. So it is suspected that there are still some errors left in the phone's manufacturing process.

Along with the green tint issue, some have also said it's a camera glitch. A user has complained that a black spot is visible near the selfie camera. The Nothing Phone team has come to know about these errors and users who have received faulty smartphones. They are likely to be given new phones soon.

Meanwhile, the company has not yet given any official information on what to do next if the users notice the error.

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