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Important facts you never knew about Narco Test

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Important facts you never knew about Narco Test

Narco testing is a form of forensic psychology. Forensic science is the application of science and technology to justice. This is a branch of it.

Sometimes when investigating a serious crime, the police can't find a way out. Many criminals are very clever. They study a lot how to hide the crime, how to erase the evidence.

They plan and strike at the right time. Investigating such cases is a huge challenge for the police. The investigation becomes very complicated.

In such cases, the help of forensic science is taken to solve this problem. You must have heard or seen the words DNA, fingerprints etc. in TV serials or movies.

Another type of it comes in the form of narco testing. It is said that no matter how notorious the criminal is, this trial reveals many nuances and gives new direction to the investigation.

Narco test is currently being discussed on the Shraddha Walker case. The court has allowed the narco test of Aftab, who is accused of brutally murdering her.

Why is narco testing done?

This test is used to make the criminal talk. However, the criminal is unconscious or partially conscious. Some missing links are added in some evidence, information, recorded testimony etc.

There is an attempt to extract information about how the crime was committed, why it was committed, how the evidence was destroyed, etc.

Test only can be done with consent of Accused person

Narcotics test information, confessions are not admissible as evidence in court. Consent of accused person also needs to be taken for this test.

It cannot be imposed on criminal. The court allows the same only after informing the court that the accused is consenting.

Narco cannot be mentioned in the charge sheet

Norco test is used to mix circumstantial and corroborative evidence. Hence these tests become very important from the point of view of investigation.

However, the findings of these tests are not accepted as evidence in court. More importantly, it cannot be written in the charge sheet that the evidence was tampered with based on the Narco test.

Polygraph test

This was the trial of accused Aftab in the Shraddha Walker murder case. Humans have emotional reactions to any event. Fear, anger, love, anger, joy, courage, sorrow etc. 

This as well as body blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, pulse rate, electrical response, voice changes are detected by polygraph test.

How do they perform test?

Some medicines are given to the accused. After that he goes unconscious. Before that some medical tests of accused are done. Only then is the test done.

Sodium pentothal, scopolamine or sodium amytal are injected. They are also known as truth drug. The dose of medicine is decided taking into account the age, weight, etc. of the accused.

If the dose is too high, it can have side effects on Accused.

Brain mapping tests produce such waves from the brain. If the red and blue lines are parallel, the accused knows about the crime.

If both the lines are away from the red line, it is considered as an indication that the accused has no knowledge of the crime.

Brain Mapping

A machine called 'P-300 Marble' is used for this test. It is placed on top of the accused. Photographs, videos, sounds etc. related to the incident or the victim are shown, collected. 

Changes in the electrical activity in the brain of the ARP are monitored. Accused person's relationship with him gives direction to the investigation.

- Shirish Inamdar

retired Additional Deputy Commissioner, State Intelligence Department, Maharashtra

Source: Lokmat

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