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Two-step Verification is Mandatory for using Google's Services

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A few days ago, Facebook has made it mandatory for their page services. On that grounds, Google has also decided to make two-step verification mandatory for all. So two-step verification is now officially mandatory for using Google's Gmail service.

The announcement was made two days ago on Google's official blog. Two-step verification will curb the hacking of users' e-mail accounts by stealing their passwords.

All companies, including Google, recommend that your Gmail password needs to be strong. But keeping passwords difficult can also lead to forgetting. :D

What is Two-Step Verification..??

Many people do not know exactly what it means to keep passwords difficult. So now two-step verification will be used as a solution to all this. In this method, after the user enters his password, a notification will be sent to his smartphone.

After entering the password, a specific number that appears on your laptop will also appear on your mobile too. You have to click on that number on the laptop and you have to click on the Yes button in this notification.

The user will be able to log in only after proceeding with one of these three methods. You will no longer be able to log in using a password. So you can log in with both password and mobile. That is why it is called two-step verification.

Two-step verification is being used by many users. So there will be no change for them. But those who have not yet started this service for their account. They will now be required to undergo two-step verification.

So this user will have to give his mobile number to Google. So that he gets a notification while logging in. Users can also start two-step verification by going into Gmail's settings...

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