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What is Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) Project? what are the features?

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BharatNet is the project of the department of telecommunications under the ministry of Communications of the Government of India.

BharatNet also known as Bharat Broadband Network Limited(BBNL) is a broadband service provider.

The BharatNet project is networking all over the country to provide a minimum of 100mbps connectivity to more than 6 Lakh remote villages in India.

It is the proud initiative taken under Digital India and the Make in India movement.

BharatNet worked in the phases as the operational challenges and even in that too pandemic occurred. BharatNet completed phase 1 in 2017 itself and connected more than 1 lakh villages to the highly efficient fiber optic cable.

BharatNet's phase II is currently going on. It is said that it will be complete by the end of 2023. More than 7 lakh wifi-hotspots are installed to get last-mile connectivity.

It is said that BBNL is the largest Rural broadband connectivity system in the world. It is both an enabler and a beneficiary of other key government schemes, such as Digital India, Make in India, the National e-Governance Plan, UMANG, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, Parvatmala, the dedicated freight corridors, industrial corridors, and UDAN-RCS.

Features and Benefits of the BharatNet project

  • It will generate employment in the Remote areas of India
  • It will increase service deliveries in Rural India
  • It will boost up the Digital movements coined by the GOI
  • Increased use of the internet will lead to higher GDP
  • BharatNet will expedite broadband and smartphone penetration and speed and their multiplier impact on the economy.

As this project is meant to connect rural areas of the country. It will create new opportunities for unemployed youngsters in Rural India.

There are many schemes and projects running under the Digital India movement. like, online e-gram panchayat services, e-governance, e-education, e-health, e-medicine, e-grievances, e-agriculture, e-citizen, etc. The BharatNet will help these schemes and projects by keeping them online with mighty 100mbps connectivity through fiber optics.

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