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How to delete temporary files on windows 11

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Hello Dear Friends, today we'll learn how to delete temporary files on Windows 11. Microsoft is upgrading its operating systems day by day to the next possible to give the best user experience to their users.

but we as a user have used windows XP to Windows 7 very efficiently because it was the very user-friendly operating system. after that Windows 10 and Windows 11 were introduced by Microsoft over the period of time.

And it makes it somehow difficult for us to use Windows features. and the feature of deleting Temporary files in windows. it is very much a required process in everyday computer use.

What are temporary files?

a temporary file or temp file is a file created to hold information while a file's being created or modified. After the program is closed, the temporary file is deleted.

Temporary files store and move data, manage settings, help recover lost data, and manage multiple users.

Why to delete temporary files?

You should regularly delete temporary files to free up space, speed up your computer, and reduce the risk of errors, bugs, and crashes. When your drive gets too full, it can slow down — and you won’t have any room to save new files.

Low disk space makes your computer perform worse. Insufficient space will make programs run slowly, increase load times, risk 100% disk usage, and trigger endless error messages and alerts.

Now, Let's see how we can delete temporary files from windows 11 step by step.,

Step 1Right-click on the Start menu and select Settings from the list.

Step 2In the System settings, click on Storage on your right.

Step 3Click on Temporary files.

Step 4Windows will show you a list of file types along with the amount of storage occupied.

Step 5 Use the checkboxes to select files that you want to delete. Once selected, you’ll see the amount of storage occupied by the selected files at the top.

This list also shows files you’ve downloaded over the internet and saved in the Downloads folder. If you want to keep those files, make sure you uncheck Downloads.

Step 6Finally, click on the Remove files button.

Remove the Unwanted Files

Clearing temporary files is a perfect way to free up space and speed up your Windows. Especially for those who are 0using a small SSD, removing these temporary files from time to time can help you unlock valuable storage space and improve performance.

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