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A Study on induction & orientation (end to end process & effectiveness) in  Tata Technologies

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It is worrying that big organizations and institutions in this country have problems with orientation programs. Some organizations as well as some leaders of institutions still consider orientation to be a waste of organizational resources.

A significant problem that continues to confront our organizations in India is the lack of provisions for adequate orientation for employees to enable them to deliver their optimum. In most cases, new employees are being influenced or affected by certain factors in the Organization.

This includes vision, mission, values, organizational/institutional culture and structure, policies of the organization, and others. The orientations at organizations usually Provided for their new employee appears to be overloaded with too many details and irrelevant introduction which makes the orientation process ineffective.

Although it is an undeniable truth that problems exist everywhere, especially where there are human interactions and activities, there is a need for organizations to orient their staff on ways to circumvent these problems. As much as it can be said that orientation affects or impacts one employee's satisfaction, the question is ‘to what extent can orientation affect satisfaction?”

This research is therefore intended to find out the effect of employee orientation on satisfaction .

Objectives of the Study

  1. To understand the induction procedure.
  2. To understand the orientation procedure.
  3. To find out the effect of employee induction/orientation on employee satisfaction

Scope for Further Research

The present study on employee induction helps to get a clear picture of the factors which satisfy the employees. This in turn helps the management to formulate suitable policies to satisfy the employees. Hence, the satisfaction level of the employees may also change. The factors that satisfy the employees may change with change in time because the needs of employees change with change in time.

So, continuous monitoring and close observation of factors that satisfy the employees is necessary to maintain a competent workforce. Only with a competent workforce, an organization can achieve its objective. Moreover, human resource is the most valuable asset to any organization.

A further study within the department can be done to analyze to know to what extent these factors are required to satisfy the employees.

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