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How to find how many Simcards are on your name?

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Hello Friends, sometimes when someone has less knowledge about the phone. When he gets a new Simcard, many Simcard sellers (especially the roadside ones) who are fraudulent start more than one sim by cheating in that person's name.

They sell that Simcard to fraudulent people at a high price. Those who go ahead use that SIM wrongly, due to which the problem is caused to the same person whose name is attached with that Simcard.

We couldn't able to find these practices earlier but Now we have a solution for that, we can now know how many sims are running from our aadhar card.

A website [TAF COP] has been created by the technical department of the government called the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), through which we can know how many SIMs are activated on our aadhar cards.

Follow the steps below to find yours

Step 1: First of all, search TAF COP on Google and click on the first website. as below,

Step 2: After clicking on the website, you enter your mobile number, and then OTP you will receive. as below,

Step 3: After entering the OTP, you will see all the numbers which are linked to the ID (Aadhaar card) of the mobile number that you entered. as below,

Step 4: You check all the numbers carefully and if you think, this number is not mine, then you can request to close that number through this website.

So, Now You can avoid SIM number fraud through this website. Thank me later in the comments.

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